No school today. Plus some other random remarks floating about in my head.

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*Tries to do little happy dance in corner...but...can't...because...LEGS ARE TOO STIFF!!*

Which leads me into Remark One:

I recently joined this lane-swimming, endurance-testing, be-fit-or-drown-on-your-sixtieth-lap swimming...thing, which'll be okay, I guess, after I get used to it, but in the meantime is fourty-five minutes of what I'm sure I will later describe to my sister's grandchildren as a string near-death experiences.

Okay. Maybe I'm being whiny and exaggerating a bit for effect I hope turns out to be comedic. I still didn't like it though.

Remark Two:
I got looped into making video-propaganda for our student council's latest spirit day, for which I have many an idea but am procrastinating the shit out of.

Remark Three:
For most of the week I've been physically paralyzed and mentally incapacitated by a cold I've had the perverse pleasure of seeing begin to emerge in others.

Erm...what else.

Remark Four:
Oh, yes, I recently saw this movie called "Shelter", which made me feel warm and fuzzy inside in much the same way that Brokeback Mountain turned me into a heartbroken puddle of tears on the floor.