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I joined the Powderpuff team at school. Yup, I'm gonna get my ass kicked. I'm too girly to be good at football, I also don't like it. It seems pretty pointless of a game. But I gave into peer pressure and did it cuz my friend is on the student council and is organizing it and begged me to join cuz they're short on players. Oh and not to mention the fact that we're gonna have awsome shirts that are black with teil lettering. We have a practice tomorrow. Theres only going to be 2 games though, the seniors will play the freshman, juniors vs. sophmores. And the 2 winners will play and the 2 losers. It should be fun. I wanna get those black lines under my eyes when I play. And kick some senior bitches ass.


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football..... well have fun.

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pffffft, RUGBY IS MUCH BETTER THAN FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you should join a chugby team! meow