Princess Perfect

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Well, hello there, Princess Perfect.

I can't quite recall whoever it was that let you in.

Can you? Recall how you got here, that is?

You must dreadfully confused, this isn't exactly in your neat-as-a-pin cup of tea, is it? You were never expecting this, were you?
You were never expecting me.

Hum di hum. Summer is depressed. Which is rather interesting, for someone who is notoriously happy. I've noticed it, our best friend Stephanie has noticed it... even her parents have noticed it. None of us can quite figure out why. Liza (my other best friend) hypothized that it's because she's coming to terms with her sexuality, but I'm positive she's wrong. Stephanie and I are both kinda like: Whaaa?? I just hope she feels better soon. Oh- and this weekend she picked out this moive that was called... idk Sex and Death or something. But there's some line in it like "That's why I'm glad I'm a lesbian!" and she laughed, what made it stand out though was that it was the only time she laughed during the entire movie. Which may only go to show how much it sucked butttt....

Yup. That's where I am right now. Trying to fall out of love. It's actually going pretty well. I'm really proud of myself.