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My mom is the worst person to drive with, especially with a student driver. She talks to me constantly and this causes me to drift in my lane. I also suck at left turns because of it. So she was said, "WHOA!" when I fucked up a turn.
I replied with, "I did it perfectly this morning, it's because I'm talking.
So she told me, "So don't talk when you drive." Know what she does right after that. She asks me a fucking question. I don't mind that she talks to me. It's just funny that she didn't even care that it fucks me up. Then again, I had finished virtually every hand-over-hand turn, so all it is is moving the car forward.


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Mums NEVER EVER want their

Mums NEVER EVER want their children to drive. Get used to receiving a lot of non-constructive critiques when you drive. If you're going at 40, you're going to slow, but going at 45 is way too fast. Or every turn is too closed, or you swerved into the other lane, or you did something stupidly stupid. it sucks, but it's life.

" . . . The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it." Charles Dickens

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my mom just talks to me so I

my mom just talks to me so I fuck up. Then she yells at me for my fuck ups. She doesn't make stupid things up.