They say that evil prevails when good men fail to act...

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What they should really say is, "Evil prevails."---Lord of War

So, I'm back. Guess what I've been up to? I got a job at this place called Old World Deli. Nice place, even if the smell of food makes me sick after a while. At least I get manageable hours and a $7+ sandwich for only $3 which is automatically taken out of my check. This is the fifth week I'm there. Not bad.

Before you read the next part I want to make this clear, EVERYONE IS FINE. My sisters and baby niece got hit by a car last thursday. They were crossing the street near the burger place up the road and this fool of a man was turning left and didn't see them. Lots of bumps and bruises, but they're okay. Anastacia (the baby, two months shy of a year old) got a couple bumps on her head, but the stroller saved her life, Cheyenne (little sis, age 13) put her hands on the hood of the vehicle and tried to push away, got hit by the front corner, and smacked her nose on the side-view mirror hard enough to cause mom to think she'd broke her nose. She didn't. Monique (older sis, the mom, 20) got the worst of it. Apparently she rolled thirty feet. People said they never saw anyone jump up after something like that, but she saw her baby's stroller on it's side and just reacted. Mom and Dad went to take them to the hospital and I sat at home with Gwen and my niece Chelsea, worrying the whole time. They came home that night though and since then neither of them have even left to go to the liquor store across the street, much less down the road again.

On another note, I started classes again. This is currently my second time in karate. The class runs from 1:20 to 4:00, but begining students leave at three. Advanced belts stay the end hour and work on more difficult technique. I got to do that for the first time on tuesday. I was dying, though I had a lot of fun. See, I had a cold a while back and even though it's done, I still have this horrible cough sitting low in my chest and when I do any sort of physical activity, I cough a lot. After class tuesday, I couldn't draw a decent breath without having a coughing fit. >.< That sucked. But you know what this means folks? I need to quit smoking. Simple as that? Not on your life. It takes fortitude, dammit, fortitude that I have yet to develop.

I just realized that I am two minutes away from being late to class, so I will be back next week at some point, telling you more mundane and dramatic happenings. Or it may be gibberish. We'll see, no?

Ciao, y'all.