this real hot guy

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I have been at my school since 2006, and since the first day, there has been this really hot boy that i fancied. He is a chav, proper 'hard' (like always misbehaves). He knows that I always look at him, and sometimes he just turns round and looks at me. Everytime after he looked at me, he started to sorta lick his lips a bit. Dunno if that has anything to do with it lol but...

And also in 2007, his best mate (who ALWAYS hang out together), came up to me and said, 'do you think so and so is fit (the boy i fancied), I just said I dunno and he walked off.

When I was getting my photo taken at school once, he was in the photo background taking a photo of me on his phone.

Whenever I see him I always look to the floor, and so does he.

Please tell me your opinoins, is he gay, bi or just messing with me? Also, if I try to make a move with him, and he ISNT gay, I will be friendless and will be beaten up all the time (homophobic school really).

So please tell me your opinoins, thanks.

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Could be...

Eye contact is your friend. Make it and see if he keeps it. Look at him, let him look away, keep looking, then when he looks back, smile.

As for him not being gay, you can just start talking to him, be friendly, not like you have to come out that second. See what happens.

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It sounds like he's checking

It sounds like he's checking you out, and if his friend is asking if you think he's hot...yeah, he's probably into you. But if he's not being overt about it, play it safe. Jeff makes a good point about eye contact. See where it goes from there.

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