Umm.. I should never stay up past 9pm

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Nothing good ever comes of it. I always get dumped, binge, depressed, hurt..

today i got sex-dumped for god. hahaha. well this sucks. what do you do when your Christian ex boyfriend who you still love and are best friends with and are sometimes intimate with (in romantic ways too) all of a sudden gets a kick of the I'M GONNA BE A PERFECT CHRISTIAN haha he's going to give up sex and jerking off (.. wanna see how that one goes) and kissing anyone that isnt a girlfriend. hahahaha wonderful. Wow and I was almost just considering religion even though I'm an atheist I'm open minded so I figured it was time to deeply consider religion for a while but right now if there is a god hahahaha holy shit THANKS FOR MAKING MY LIFE FAN FUCKING TASTIC HAHAHAHAHA.

fuck my life.

Ummm so I have 3 options

option a) tell him I'm not over him never will be and still love him
option b) wait a bit and see if i can get him to like me again so i can be his girlfriend so i don't have to hide my feelings which is a bitch
option c) never tell and let my feelings tear me up inside and probably watch him get a new girlfriend and probably cry myself to sleep every night

i would be crying now because this has all in all been a bad day but I'm not crying cause its too funny that this is sort of my fault i practically brought the idea to his head hahahah i'm an idiot. also i was just watching wishbone and man i fucking love that show. brings back memories. apparently the dog's voice is the same voice as the jet dry commercial. hahahaa. oh gosh.

ummm screw depression i'm a junior now I need to stay happy so I can get me straight A's. I know.. i'll ignore my broken heart with guitar hero! yayy for pushing down emotions in order to maintain good grades.

Talk about melodramatic.


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McCain's VP's daughter is

McCain's VP's daughter is prego in her ego, so I think that shows us that even conservative-presumably-Christians don't want to give up sex. You just have to marry the guy if you do get prego in your ego.

There's liberal Christians as well you know. Christians are not all evangelical-presidential-hopefuls.

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I heard about that! I feel

I heard about that! I feel sorry for the girl. Dealing with that is tough enough, but the whole nation knowing? Sucks =/

I don't like McCain though. Or the woman (I forget her name) who wants to drill our oil. Though I don't know too much about it/her, so.. His whole plan is obviously to have a woman VP though, because he could have picked someone more up & coming/well-known.

Haha I know. I'm just talkin' bout this one kid though.