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Today was an ego-killer. Just one of those days when you don't feel like anyone likes you for you, stuff doesn't happen the way you want it to, and somebody makes you feel like you aren't anybody special. I don't know, I hate when days like these bring out so much of my own insecurities. I mean looking back on it, it wasn't such a bad day. I got a perfect score on my chem quiz, I got my skit over with in drama and got an A, and a friend and I were laughing all during my last period of apec. But I don't know, My math teacher marked off points of my grades for no apparent reason, I didn't get the part I wanted in the school play, and some people i know and like greeted me with a lot colder welcome than I expected. I just ended the day with this needy desire for validation and people to like me, and I hate when i get like that.

And then again knowing that i let the little things bother me so much bothers me so I'm just rolled up into a little approval needing miserable fetal position. (metaphorically)


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Hello there runningupthefreeway!

Wow, I totally get how you're feeling... except you're just able to express it in words so much better!

Yeah, that feeling really sucks... I get that feeling sometimes when nothing's going horribly wrong.. but I just need that 'validation' from people that I'm loved and special otherwise I just have that downbuzz mood...

It's a byproduct of disappointment maybe? Or overstretched expectations? Or an overdose of self-serving ego for a blinding individuality...

Or caffeine.. I don't know. I feel like that right now... Like I haven't really accomplished anything! A total sense of agitation and frustration, like I just wana get out there and somehow 'fix' my day!

Take care, hope you feel better soon.

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thanks, you too.
And I do feel a little better today.

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so cute! first off, fuck

so cute!
first off, fuck people not liking you for you, people don't like me for who i'm not, what does that tell you!? :S
second...are you like an overachiever!? you do realize beyong passing everything highschool is pretty useless. perhaps i shouldn't say it, but fuck it's true. like you said, don't let little things bug you, if you and u'r friend laughed all through lunch then he/she obviously likes you in one way or another and that's way more than i get, so my sucking in life makes you feel better!