What's going on?!

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So much stuff. I saw Tropic Thunder tonight. The only funny bit was the Azaria Chamberlain reference..." Mother lost a baby. That really happened."

I'm watching The Wizard of Oz right now.

I feel disappointed in my night. See, I was going to go with Zuko to see the movie. (All my issues about him are worked out now.) I just really wanted to spend time with him, he's entertaining and makes me laugh. But he's a bit sick, he has assignments to do, and his mum is an overprotective bitch. So I called Cha Cha and went with her. I mean, she's great, but it just wasn't the same. It's like, I had my heart set on seeing him, he's one of my really good friends, but I never see him. So anyone else just couldn't hold a candle to his company :P
And I also had plans to watch Oz (The Wizard of, not the prison series/gay drama) and smoke a joint. However, I had a weird reaction to the pot and threw up a little in the garden. So now I'm watching it totally sober, and it isn't too exciting. I might go have some drinks... I just don't want to be in my mind atm. It's so boring!

I had another straight crush this week. Thank fuck though, I think I'm starting to learn from my past mistakes, and I'm getting over him quicker than I expected. That gives me hope, LoL.


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i love WOO [wizard of oz]...

especially the wicked witch and the flying monkeys