where did it go?

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www.outproud.org <---- One of the first websites I visited when I started to think I wasn't straight. There's some good information there, especially on the brochures page. (I think there's a link to Oasis on there too.)

However, in the last few weeks I've been getting "server not found" errors from my web browser whenever I try to load a page from the Outproud site.

I just wondered if anyone else is having this problem and/or knows what's up: did the site go offline, or is my computer just being freaky?


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Your computer is just being

Your computer is just being freaky. It loaded just fine for me.

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He had server problems in the last week, but that's all fixed now. The site isn't updated anymore, though.

I think that site might come back in a big way next year, though.

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It's back!

I guess it was the server thing, or maybe a temporary computer freakout on my end... thanks guys :-)

I have noticed that it seemed a little static and/or out of date — I don't even go on it much anymore. It was pretty helpful to me several months back, though (which is why I worried when it suddenly didn't work!). If it rebounds next year that would be cool. :-)

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I found this site through

I found this site through outproud! and i found outproud through a seventeen magazine.... yup.

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OASIS TRAITORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!