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Good news #1: my college GSA organized a screening of "The Laramie Project" tonight. I've been wanting to see that, so you better believe I'm going. :-)

Disappointing news #1: while me and another girl tried to explain to my friend SB what said film is about, the other girl admitted to being "slightly homophobic." So is a guy who lives down the hall from me. But they're nice people... :-(

Good news #2: the people in the GSA are very nice, and there are people there that I know from classes (and occasionally one girl I knew in high school).

Disappointing news #2: they announced at GSA that this guy got his door vandalized with anti-gay graffiti. They wouldn't let anyone walk home from the meeting alone... can't say I blame them.

Good news #3: I'm planning to come out to a close friend of mine from back home this week and I do believe she will be cool with it.

Disappointing news #3: I do not feel ready to come out to most of the people I've met at college. Need more time I guess.

Being lesbian in college is a bit of a mixed bag...