A little update

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Today the weather was... oh I can't remember.

Actually, now I do - it was raining. I had to take a 90-minute bus ride home from school because I missed my school bus. I had to converse with my calculus teacher and console one of my best friends on his less-than-perfect exam results. But honestly, he's still going to get dux though!

Right now I'm getting my exam results back. We have a different system here in New Zealand, but in universal exam language - i sucked. Well not really, a plethora of merits and achieveds, some excellences, and a big fat fail for a biology paper. Damn you, stupid insect tracheal system.

I just have to fail at least one paper every year! It's becoming a yearly ritual kind of thing.

On other things (before I bore you with more tedious exam updates), we voted for prefects today. Prefects are pretty much what we call student leaders. Our school is pretty damn competitive... honestly, we're like one of the most competitive and top-achieving high schools in New Zealand. I swear though, student votes are pretty much just a popularity contest. Now now, I don't have a problem with that - but that's why the teachers call student votes a 'survey' and nothing more.

I'm writing a few short stories lately. Finished one last night (in an hour and proud), will probably put that up soon. Mmm, and it's labour weekend this weekend! Dayum! Haha going to another best friend of mine's birthday on Sunday - time to unleash some pent up stress from all that exam study. God forbid, I've been ridiculously sober since we had our study leave!

And, I must get a haircut. Right now my hair looks like a mop. Not just any mop, but the type of mop which you'd start to question which side's the front of my face if it weren't for my glasses. Ah!

That's about it... oh oh, there's our school's Les Miserables musical cast reunion gathering at someone's house tomorrow. But there's also Guy Fawkes (fireworks day) at my other mate's house. Such a dilemma! I think I'll just stay home and watch boring television.