All I do is whinge.

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But that's ok, no one is under any obligation to read this :)

So my life is down the shitter at the moment. It's not the fault of some boy, or my parents, but just myself. I make things so hard for myself and I don't know why. I guess I really am a sadist. I'm NEVER happy.

I feel like topping myself... right about now. But that's the coward's way out, isn't it?


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oh, nicholas...

would you like some cheese with your wine?

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don't kill yourself It looks

don't kill yourself It looks really good right now, but think about how it will look tomorrow.But seriously, Everyone screws up there own lives some times. I know I've done it. But theres always something to look forward to.

Sorry about the cliches.

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Don't do that, you silly

Don't do that, you silly boy.

What wrong specifically?