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I made a list in my head today during Biology class. We're studying the periodic table and all of the confusing things that go with it. Its hard and I just zoned out today because I was pissed that I don't understand it. (So I just gave up, that solves everything!) Anyways the list. Its about gay stuff that I contemplated and thought I would write about it because I don't want it in my head anymore.

- I've gotten more confident in myself since I first started to come out.
- I CAN'T count the people I'm out to with 2 hands!
- I'm secretly afriad that when I have sex with a girl I'll get down there and be like EW THIS IS SOO GROSS!!
- I want a fag hag
- I want to be someones fag hag (can girls even be fag hags)
- I think that some people know I'm gay but are waiting for me to say something to them
- Sometimes I wish I wasn't so femme and people could tell I was a homo by looking at me
- Everyone thinks my older sister is a dyke but they have the wrong sister
- If I don't go to college in California it will be the end of the world and I will have no choice but to kill myself
- I'm ashamed sometimes that I use some internet site like this to express the real me (I'm soo grateful for this place though, its helped me in soo many ways)
- I think that I'll probably have sex with a guy just to see what its like and what all the hype is about
- My geometry teacher is really sexy and has a nice rack
- Something in my heart tells me that my parents would be ok with me being gay, yet I still haven't told them
- I get mad when other people who are noticably gay aren't out (I'm a hypocrite I know)
- I want to have a kid biologically; like get pregnant
- Having other gay kids at my school hasn't really helped me that much, but I know if they weren't there I would have another excuse as to why I'm not completely out
- I care to an extent what people think of me. And I don't think thats a bad thing at all.
- There are 2 teacher dykes at my school (gym teacher and basketball coach) It pisses me off that they aren't "open". I mean everyone knows that they are gay but they don't ever say anything gay related. Thats probably to save their own ass but I'm still upset. I don't want to be like that when I'm older and have a job. Its probably not that big of deal to be out to them anymore either
- I make things a bigger deal than they need to be


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You sound a lot like me. No

You sound a lot like me.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent-Eleanor Roosevelt

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A fag hag is a female who

A fag hag is a female who hangs out with homosexuals.

Then a male who hangs out with lesbians is called a lesbro. There was also another term for this, but I forgot it.

You know what a sausage fest is right? Well a female version is called a cave rave.

By the way, in Vermont, it's illegal to fire someone because of their sexual orientation, their HIV status or how they express their gender. Isn't that cool!?!? =]

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a fag hag is also called a fruit-fly

; )

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I could've written some of those

Wow, I could've written a bunch of those, myself. Except the getting pregnant part; I have no desire ever, ever to get pregnant. But I guess I can understand why someone would.