alright, I'm back

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The last time I posted was in July. Dang. Do you remember?

I'm the girl who had the crush on the girl over a year ago and that's why I started posting. Figured I was gay, had a long going crush on my straight best friend, eventually wound up with that straight best friend (C), and then we broke up in March. Now best friend is not so straight, haha. I'm convinced she's gay, she's convined she's bi.

Ok, caught up.

I had become very secure in my sexuality that in a way I didn't need this site anymore. The most I had was one straight crush [I think I told you guys about how on the last day of school I told her how I think she's cute, blah blah ugh] and that's been it. I didn't really have anything to blog about anymore, as far as this site goes. But I guess it can go beyond just being for the confused.

Anyway... I'm back because I have a new crush that's hard to talk about with friends, and I need to get shit off my chest. I have to leave in 15 minutes, so I'll just have to sum up, really: she's friends with T [I think that's the acronym I gave her] and we'll call this new crush "M." I've been hanging out with them more and more lately and I've developed a liking for M. M is very beautiful, and very liked by guys. She's also not liked by C. Ugh.

That's all I can say right now, I really do have to go. But expect a novel on this later. My diary just isn't cutting it anymore


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Hey!!!! Nice to see you

Hey!!!! Nice to see you again! I just recently returned too. Yay for novels, and welcome back!

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I have a lot of sporadic

I have a lot of sporadic stuff like that too--I haven't posted since early August and probably won't post again til the week of Thanksgiving cause the school monitors our internet use and can see what sites we're on...:P

Best of luck sorting out your feelings, though. You're definitely not the only one. :)

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Welcome back. :) Good luck

Welcome back. :)

Good luck with your crush, and your friend who doesn't like your crush. And whatever else.

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Hello! I've missed you! " .

Hello! I've missed you!

" . . . The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it." Charles Dickens

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THank you! I've missed this

THank you! I've missed this site. And I watched a Muse live DVD [Haarp] and totally thought of you, haha. You're so lucky you got to see them live!

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Acronyms confuse me.. i like X. it's a fun acronym!