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yup. i am...again lol.
a lot of shit has happened...a lot.
*running away before i turned 18 & not going back home.
i've been living with my gf and her parents for 4 or 5 months now...really trippy. i feel kinda bad but they never complain about me being there :/.
*the military is SOOOO out of the question now. i just have a few months of waiting after i finish some paperwork then, get an approval, then more paperwork. yay. it sucks but i'm willing to risk it.
*same job. same job. & same job. lol. i need a new one.
*same wonderful gf. 8 months it has been.
*gauging my ear. i'm at 8's & i want to move up to my 6's. i tried the other day was painful.
uhm. i think thats it for't think of anything else lol.

so hows everyone been? missed you all :(


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I remember you....

Hey! It's good to hear that things are going well with your girlfriend. Man, 8 months is a pretty long time. Atleast it is to me lol.

I have to get a new job too now that I've

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I so remember you! Welcome back

Hope your rough patches get better soon. Change that bloody job already. Really