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I hate how Sarah Palin wants to teach abstinence in schools, while she failed to teach it to her on child. Could that be a reminder that teaching abstinence doesn't work?

Is Sarah Plain actually trying to tell me that Margaret Sanger's campaign for reproductive rights was wrong? That being educated about YOUR own body is something that's obscene, even vulgar? That knowing how YOUR reproductive system functions is an evil?

Is birth control so wrong that over a million women in the 1920's wrote DIRECTLY to Sanger? This doesn't even include the amount of women that were to afraid to write to her! Or the ones that acquired birth control at their doctor's office. Or the ones that went to her famous birth control centers.

And could there be a correlation between STD/STI infections and reproductive information? Take Finland (STD/STI rate of about .07%) compared the United State (STD/STI rate of about 25%). Finland doesn't teach abstinence, it teaches reproductive science. The United States teaches mainly abstinence and a small amount of reproductive science.

Electing Sarah Palin as Vice-President would be one of the greatest follies this nation has ever seen.

My goal for the day:
Pray Sarah Palin sane.


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*bows head to join you in

*bows head to join you in prayer*

"When the people begin to reason, all is lost" - Voltaire

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Somehow, I think it's more

Somehow, I think it's more likely that she'll pray us straight. I certainly don't see that happening anytime soon.