boo hoo...

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so...i'm at home and have absolutely NOTHING to do & it sucks.
i could start packing but my gf thinks that we should do that together lol...yeah i'm leaving to go Kauai tomorrow (kauai is a neighboring island) for my gf's bowling tournament.
yes. i am a dedicated, committing gf lol.
i watched some of her practices.
all but one of her h.s bowling games.
& all of her singles/doubles bowling tournaments.
gosh. yeah i got no other life.
but i love her and i make her accompany me to my things lol.
for instance, my sister's h.s preseason cheerleading competition :P. sister is incredible on her own and because the fact she's the only freshman on the team :)

in other updates...i moved up to 6's...Yay! it hurt like a mother but i'm glad their in. if no one knows what gauges are...just look it up...kinda coo :) but yeah...i'll be on for awhile before the gf comes home, so get at me


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I like how gauged ears look

I like how gauged ears look but I don't want mine done. I don't like the really big ones though that take up your entire ear lobe. But the ones that you can barely see through.
I suck at bowling.