Breakfast With Scot: Movie Review

By Jeff Walsh

In the press materials for the new movie "Breakfast with Scot," which opens in the San Francisco Bay Area and other major cities in limited release on October 10, they keep referring to the men in the film as being a "straight" gay couple.

Now, there are terms that seem more realistic to describe two men in a committed relationship who don't like the word gay, are closeted at work, refuse all public displays of affection, seem to have a lack of intimacy in the privacy of their own home, and are uncomfortable by other gay people or anyone thinking they're gay, but "straight" isn't it.

Of course, this construct needs to exist so that this couple's life can be disrupted when they have to become the guardians of Scot, a very flamboyant, seemingly gay 11-year-old who turns their "straight" lives upside down. He likes cooking meals, singing songs, wearing makeup and boas, and kissing his male friends. So, both sides of the equation are pretty overdone. Of course, I was rooting for the kid, since he was at least being himself, whereas the couple were basically two uptight closet cases.

But from the moment the movie begins, you know what's coming. I'm never one to give away endings, but anyone who's seem a movie in their life knows the couple will learn to accept themselves and Scot more by the end of the film and everyone in the audience will leave the theater smiling, heart-felt, and happy.

And, I'll admit, it does its job. As much as I didn't believe any part of the premise, the story, or much else, you still like the big Holywood ending you knew was coming from the moment the film started. You smile, you think it's "cute," and are happy they're going to become a family.

I've always been a fan of Tom Cavanaugh (who plays the most closeted member of the gay couple) from his days on "Ed." Ben Shenkman ("Angels in America") plays his lawyer boyfriend. And Noah Bernett plays Scot. The cast all turn in great performances, and you really have to give them credit for playing such unrealistic roles in an unbelievable story and trying to ground them in reality.

For gay movie trivia buffs, this movie marks the first time a professional sports team and league, the Toronto Maple Leafs and the National Hockey League, allowed their logo and uniforms to be used in a gay-themed movie (Cavanaugh's character is a former Maple Leaf who becomes a TV sportscaster after being injured on the ice). Also, if any of our Canadian readers is wondering if I'm talking about a movie that sounds familiar, yes, this movie has already been released in theaters and on DVD there, but we're running late on that stuff down south.

So, if you want a cute movie that's well-done, far-fetched, and predictable, look no further. But, don't be surprised when, despite all that, you still give in, let the movie win you over, and just ride the happy wave to the ending you knew was coming all along.

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I love films that make you walk away thinking "cute".

I'm downloading it pronto! =]

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I downloaded it and watched

I downloaded it and watched it. I liked it a lot.
Except with the whole deal that the kid had a huge gap in his teeth. That made me annoyed.
Thanks for posting about the movie =]

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i just watched it. it was

i just watched it. it was kinda super adorable.