crazy question! :-)

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I have no idea why this popped into my head to ask, but does anybody on this site happen to be straight? Just curious.



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Wait, you're not straight?

Wait, you're not straight? Are you one of them queer-o-sexuals?

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ha ha.

I'm not always sure what I am (leaning towards gay), but I don't think straight is it! :-)

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well i'm half-straight

(a.k.a. BI)

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: D

tee heee queer-o-sexuals

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that sounds funny queer-o-sexuals
no im 100% les always have been always will be :D

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I'm a flaming homo but 99.9%

I'm a flaming homo but 99.9% of the world thinks I'm straight.

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I'm like, fluid-sexual.

I'm like, fluid-sexual. Because no label seems to fit just right. I do have some straight-ish tendencies though. If crushing on lesbians and androgynous girls really counts as straight. XD;