Cross-country skiing is like my sexuality

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In cross-country skiing, I always tried to lead with my right, because I did most things like that. With my sexuality I denied my homosexuality without knowing it, because that's what I had been taught. I put forth this facade where I was heterosexual.

Then one day, my skiing coach told me to try leading with my left. It felt so natural. It made it so fluid and it felt so second natured. I also discovered my sexual identity; I understood I was a homosexual (not at the same time as skiing though). Just as my skiing had become natural and second natured, my sexuality became natural and second natured.

My skiing is still kind of rubbish though. It's still in the development stage. Kind of like how my sexuality is still developing.


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See, I thought you were going for the easy "pole in each hand and my legs up in the air" joke.

"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment." - Rumi

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very thoughtful

hahaaa skiing and sexuality, that's an awesome analogy!skiing is the best sport! having fun skiing! XD