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is a wretched thing.

I moved to New York from Baltimore at the end of August to attend NYU, my ultimate dream school. But in doing so, I left my girlfriend who I've been with for over two years, on and off. We are the most dramatic two people I have ever met, and we've had more problems that I can even imagine. But we've overcome them, whether they were actually resolved or we just concluded that they were too trivial to worry about. I've had my share of accusations, drawn out arguments, and sleepless nights.

But that's normal, right?

Every happiness, in my opinion, has its bad days. But it's that which makes you appreciate what you have even more. When I left, I had no idea how much I was actually leaving behind. The days and nights that I spent with her constantly turned towards the big city and school. It's so different than being home - the vivacity, the people, everything. And I absolutely love it. I have always loved this city, and I love Greenwich.

But distance, again, is torture. 'Absense makes the hard grow fonder.' But it also put my heart in this state of wondering and insecurity. I should have faith and have confidence, but it's hard. 200 miles is a long way from home, from where my heart is. And I just want her to still know that I love her and that she's so important to me.

I love the city, but I know where my heart is.