Does Anyone know where I can watch D.E.B.S on the internet?

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I watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning today and Jordana Brewster (who was in D.E.B.S) was in it. So now I really wanna watch D.E.B.S. So if anyone can help it would be very much appreciated:)


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You can find it on youtube,

You can find it on youtube, that's where I watched it. You might need to do a little digging and searching, though, because stuff gets taken off because of copyright infringement, etc, etc.

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Well, thanx. I found it on

Well, thanx. I found it on youtube. It's in parts but as long as I get to watch it I'll be happy:p

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i've seen DEBS...

like twice. it's a decent movie, but nothing special.
if you have Ares, the program i use to download music/movies, u can search there.
oh, and in this movie, jordana brewster looks waaay too skinny...
like eating-disorder-skinny. gross :-(

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Ionno... Try TPB, MN, or

Ionno... Try TPB, MN, or Gnutella. Rapid Libraries also might have what you're looking for.

TPB - The Pirate Bay. A sweedish based torrent provider. (
MN - Mininova. Another torrent provider. (
Gnutella - P2P network. Ares, Lime wire and a few other programs can access it. ( (

Also, to download a torrent, you'll need a program. Deluge ( or uTorrent ( are excellent programs to do this.

As for Rapid Libraries, you'll have to find search engines for it. If it talks about Zango at all, ignore it.