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Let's see

So I decided to go to Rory's party last night instead of fireworks at Alex's (Friday). About 50 people went - It was good!

On the way there, I saw this really CUTE guy on the bus. Sooo should've talked to him. I bet he was gay - he had that look. He kept stroking his hair, wore this retro shirt, looked like he had make up on. We made full eye contact for like 5 seconds when I walked past him. I sat behind him and he like turned a few times to look at me (hopefully in a good way... damn I'm so vain lol). At least I think it's pretty obvious I'm gay with my dress sense and cologne and everything. Oh well, it's too late now. Maybe I'll bump into him again!

The party - I had lots of fun. One of my good mates, J, hooked up with P. That means J cheated on A. J is such a manwhore when he's drunk. But not his fault he's THAT good-looking. All I got was about 10 hugs from him throughout the night, and a drunk compliment "Damn Max, you're so attractive". Went to see him at work today with P, he was so hungover... and lost! J and A will probably break up soon.

Jesse (not J) didn't go. I was a little disappointed. Apparently he asked someone if I was gay after the last party I saw him at. Then I heard from Morgan he's bi. He's pretty cute - mmm.

What else happened? Some pool diving, me and Erin made our own hand-shake, I ate a whole bowl of hummus, Grace taught me the British accent, J stole three of my smirnoffs, Peter (not P) spilt whiskey all over Josh's car, Tom is angry at P, there was pizza, SYP was all over me, Morgan made a turban out of my scarf, N shouted at SYP for prolonged periods of time, Thomas was dancing at his own band's music, I tried to tapdance, Leila is so pretty, everybody laughed and danced. It was a good night.

Gonna get some rest. It's Az's birthday drinks tonight - was gonna go - but gota rest up. My best friend, Ellen, is having her birthday drinks tomorrow. It'll be another epic night. I have my eyes on this guy called Sam. Hehe, he MIGHT be gay - we'll see!


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Lol...your life is so

Lol...your life is so exciting compaired to mine! :D

Happy b-day to your best friend!

"Excuse me if I don't feel comfortable shoving this tampon up my penis in the mens room." Andrea Gibson, on women who mistake her for a guy in the ladies room.