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fucking ewwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay, i'm not exactly afraid of spiders, not really. they just...bother me. especially FUCKING HUGE ONES that crawl out of my FREAKIN BED!!!!!!!! that is just WRONG!!! eweweweweweweww!!!!!


i think i'm gonna go sleep on my couch...

fuck! that thing must've been three inches across!!! thankfully, i killed it with my tissue box (kept handy for just these occassions), but EWWWW!!!

lol i sound like a girl, don't i? not that there's anything wrong with being a girl...i'm just not exactly a girly girl. more like, the antithesis of girly girlishness.


oh yeah, i'm sleeping on the couch tonight. that was really freaky.


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my room is in the basement and sometimes there are spiders,

but i'm not scared of them.
i've never seen one in my bed, but one could crawl on me while i'm sleeping, so what the hell do i know?
that's why i always wear pants or underwear to bed.

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ohhhhhhh ><

just by reading it makes me tremble ><
ohhh spiders are definitely the freakest! i hate spiders the most!
A three inches spider on the bed?? man u've got some bad luck today...
dont worry, my brother screams when he sees a spider LOL

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ew. i hate spiders. "I feel

ew. i hate spiders.

"I feel like Nacy Drew in the mystery of the midlife crisis."
-Roger Bannister
The Stepford Wives