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So. This week's been spirit week. It's been pretty fuckin' hilarious.

-Monday was PJ day. Pretty basic, kind of subfusc, but it's a classic.
-Tuesday was twin day. That got creative. My friend had a woundage on her face (caused by a car door, opened by me. Not on purpose though, I swear!), so we woundageded my face with make-up. We had the same kind of shorts on, same kind of shirt, a purple sweater with black stripes, green converse and the same cologne on. It was coolio.
-Wednesday was ski/board day. That was okay I guess. Kind of lame to a degree I 'spose.
-Thursday, today, was tranny day. Half the girls in the highschool wore baggin' jeans and big shirts and about 20 guys wore dresses, girl jeans/girl shirts, skirts+shirts or some other female combination. It was the fucking best. No one had a problem with it either, except the director of Student Government. But the representatives vetoed her once we got permission from the administration to actually have it be tranny day (we have the legal right to dress as any gender we want in Vermont schools). My name was Ruthy =]. I wore a knee-length skirt and a button down and I had a pretty busty chest (with a bra that was too small, so it started to itch >.< I FUCKING HATE BOOBS!)
-Friday, tomorrow, is school spirit day, AKA Maroon and White (School colors). It sounds kind of lame, but not at my school. We're all out fucking school spirit. The juniors and seniors all adorn short shorts (The kid I had a crush on adorned them last year =] but he transfered =[ !) and there's so much else that goes on. It's epic.


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Would probably be nicer to call it cross-dress day, no? although tranny seems to be entering the culture as a popular term, most often used in a way that would seem offensive to transgender people.

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I could definitely see that,

I could definitely see that, but well my school is different. Very different. We're pretty dam accepting.

The day was actually called varied things. Cross-dress day, boy-girl day, opposite day, etc. I just refer to it as tranny day because of the Michael Siriano pun.

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thats cool, I would love to

thats cool, I would love to have tranny day at my school. I;m not even sure what we did for spirt week, i think it was: rocker, punk, teacher and hospital day or somthing like that. it sucked, i did nothing,
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