For chrissakes...

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I'm exhausted. I went to bed at 5 AM today.

My brother came up from college (my parents are away) and decided to throw a party -,-. There were like 10 people there. I personally hate alcohol; I don't drink. So they were all getting drunk as hell... The used like an ancient antique table for beer pong, didn't use coasters on anything, spilt some beer all over the floor and dirtied all the carpets. Then they wanted to cook some god damn bacon. I told them no, my parents will notice that there's no bacon left. I don't eat bacon and I'm supposed to be the only one here. So what do they do? Ignore me? So throughout this all, I've been cleaning up.

Finally, I felt like it was time to go to bed. It was like 11:00 PM. My dog was tired as hell too. Too bad though, I couldn't fall asleep. The music and the people were too loud. So, in defeat, I went back downstairs, to the party. I then started to clean up their mess.

Then, comes 4:00 AM. Most of them left. Thank god. So, then I finally took my dog, after cleaning the whole time, back upstairs to go to sleep. I finally got to bed at 5:00 AM

I then woke up at 8:00 AM. So, I started cleaning the house. I mopped every hardwood floor and I vacuumed every carpet. I washed every counter and table. I swept every floor. I washed all the bed sheets. I washed all the towels. I washed all the dishes. I made everyone breakfast. I washed all the dishes again. I made everyone seconds. I washed the dishes once again. I cleaned the floors and counters, again.

They all finally left at 3:00 PM. I finished cleaning at 5:00 PM. I really hate the smell of beer.


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i'd tell you to spike the

i'd tell you to spike the beer with laxatives next time, but you'd probably end up being left with the mess....

hell, spike their breakfast....

i really am sorry you ended up having to clean up. super neat-freak tendencies? (not being sarcastic, i swear.)

"She's Trouble with a capital T, that rhymes with P, that stands for Pussy."

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Oh god no, I'm the opposite

Oh god no, I'm the opposite of a clean-freak. I just get these urges when people are over...

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ahaha, i know what you mean.

ahaha, i know what you mean. people start arriving and it's just, "AHH! MUST CLEAN."

"She's Trouble with a capital T, that rhymes with P, that stands for Pussy."

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