FTL! Sarah Palin and John McCain

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Recently, in an interview and in a speech, Governor Sarah Palin recently alleged that Senator Barack Obama wants to amend the constitution to give the Judiciary Branch more power, so that the courts may forcibly possess American's private property and redistribute it.

This woman is crazy. Barack Obama was making a reference to the CIVIL LIBERTIES MOVEMENT. There would be no chance in hell that Obama could amend to constitution to give that power. Then again, she probably doesn't know that, because she thinks that if she's elected, that she'll "be in charge of" of the United States Senate. It is true she's the head of it, but she would merely bang a gavel at regular intervals and break a tie if ever one happened. Basically, Sarah Palin doesn't understand one god damn thing about the constitution. Her idiocy isn't even humorous anymore, it's just quite frankly, fucking scary. I don't understand why anyone, in their right fucking mind, would cast a vote for Sarah "I'm a dumbass" Palin.

Boohoo! Obama doesn't think abortion should be outlawed! Guess what will happen if we do ban it. We get a War on Drugs Number 2. People will have abortions, that's understood. They did it when it was banned. When we ban, we lose the ability to regulate. When we lose the ability to regulate, we lose the ability to care properly for somebody that needs it. When he can't care for someone, they'll die.

At least Obama doesn't actually want to continue a war where OUR OWN people are dying and where OUR OWN money is going down the fucking tubes. Sure we owe something to the Iraqi people, for violating a principle that's been understood in the United States since the days of Wilson, after the age of isolation (sovereignty). I don't take any of those bullshit "democracy" excuses either. First of all, we went into Iraq for WMD, which was actually a cover by the god damned Bush administration. Hell, I'm not even sure as to why the Bush Administration decided to invade. All I know is that I was lied to. Bush didn't fucking care about WMD as his primary goal. We didn't invade North Korea did we when they declared the development of WMD. Second of all, change comes from the inside. It's true of people and it's true of countries. You change yourself, you don't change someone else.

Then Sarah Palin is a fucking nazi when it comes to the environment. By definition, she is anti-environment. The woman finds it perfectly okay to shoot grey timber wolves from a god damn helicopter (may I remind you, hunting is an art, shooting from a god damn helicopter is murder), doesn't think Beluga Whales should be endangered and thinks that it's perfectly okay to drill in the ANWR. I'd like to remind her that we consume 25% of the oil in the world, but we have 3% of the reserves. World production is supposed to peak by 2012. How the fuck will drilling for oil help us? Maybe if we didn't waste energy by flying around in fucking helicopters, we could reduce our energy usage. But no, we're going to increase oil production on our home turf (speculatively) and we're going to fund nuclear power plant projects. Because you know, nuclear power is such a sound energy. Totally renewable. I mean uranium, I shit that stuff out. It's not found in small quantities at all! The NRC hasn't recorded 200 near misses since 1980 either. Nuclear waste doesn't pose a threat as well. I mean, terrorists can't make dirty bombs from it. That would be preposterous.

Now let me ask you this. What if Obama was white, would there be this Ayers scandal? It's simple, McCain and Palin are trying to feed off of the American people's bigotry, hatred and racism. Sadly it's working.

If voting 92% of the time with George W. Bush is being a maverick, then count me the fuck out.


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I was watching a video the other night of an anti-Palin rally here in Philadelphia when she visited. She visited the Irish Pub (that's the actual name lol), and there were protesters outside with signs that read "The Irish Pub does not count as foreign policy experience".

In other news, I shouted "Barack for President!" at a McCain supporter today and she said "WELL ISN'T THAT GOOD FOR YOU SIR! BLESS YOUR HEART!" in a very nasty, pointed kind of way. Bitch.
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