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Woohoo!!! Next weekend is freakin Halloween!!!!! I'm SOOOOOO happy!!! After Thanksgiving, this's my favorite day of the year!

Wolf and Em and I're probably going trick-or-treating together, and C, my mini-me, might be coming, maybe with Er (I know too many people who's names start with E), and maybe with the other Em. Which'd be awesome. But it might just be me and Wolf, like old times.

Wolf's going to just dress all in black and try to look creepy. Which'll be effin hilarious. I think I'm going to go in drag. Like, just normal drag. And when people ask what my costume is, I'm just gonna say 'I'm a girl'.

Drag is the best. I love being a guy sometimes. I'm not trans at all, it's just...I like being a guy. And I like being a girl underneath being a guy. Does that make sense at all?

So yeah. I also love that I'm sorta pagan/Wiccan, so I tell people Happy New Year when I'm t-o-ting. I'm not like, uber into Wicca, or neo-paganism, but...well, I like what paganism's about, so why not? It's a helluva lot better than any other religion I know about.

There's this really cool thing the pagans used to do on Halloween (which, if you haven't gotten this yet, is the pagan new year, also known as Samhain). I'm sure there are a ton of variations, but pretty much, what you do, is write your greatest fear down on a piece of paper, and at some point, you burn it. I do it with my friends, but that's just me. The point is that the smoke carries your fear up and out of you, so that it releases you for the next year. It's kinda like new year's resolutions...only not.

I'm pretty agnostic about magic and all that, but even if it's all in your head, it's a pretty neat thing to do.



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Sounds cool!

I learnt something today - the Samhain!

Hope you have loads and loads of lollies, laughter and lost moments!