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I'm listening Mora by Sonny Moore.

Here's a little update-

Went to Ellen's birthday drinks on Sunday. It was awesome - I only knew Ellen there and I've never met any of her other mates but I clicked with everyone pretty quickly. I love that feeling when I meet someone new, make them smile, say something silly, and know you've made a connection and brightened another person's day (or night) for just a little bit. There were around 40 people, and man were they cool.

Apparently it was really obvious I was gay. A myriad of people ended up asking me and they told me they could tell because I'm slightly effeminate, my loudness (loudness makes you gay?), my dress sense, the way I talk, how odd (but 'bubbly' - that's good) I was, and the eyeliner (definitely a give-away). Considering they all met me for the first time and were all real cool about it - I'm pretty proud of myself for making an awesome impression. This might start to sound really vain, but I'm so glad they liked me. They're giving my number to a gay guy at their school. This might be good. Hehe.

Kimberly was gorgeous. Peter gave me some "Tongan Hoarse Stallion". Elizabeth taught me the bunny handshake. George the Georgian taught me some Georgian. Dale taught me how to shuffle. Jenny dumped her boyfriend (good on her - from what I hear he's a dickwad). Alexus was so damn beautiful, I love his eyes. Rhiannon and I had a smoke and we talked long time about that gay guy at her school. Ashlyn gave me water - good on her.

So pretty much another awesome night. So glad it was Labour Day on Monday. Otherwise I'd have dropped dead at school. I went to the cafe J works at on Monday and chilled for the whole afternoon. After my second cup he refused to give me any more moccacinos ("or anything with milk") and made me a short black instead to prove to him I was still a man. It tasted horrible, so I demanded another moccacino to rid of the horrible after taste...

Josh went over to visit J too. Never talked to him as much, but BAM we started talking just like that. We had the same taste in music and same inappropriate sense of humour (LET'S WATCH PORNO AT A WEDDING WITH CRAPPY SPEAKERS). It was a pretty chilled day - until I got home and my overly caffeinated body and flu begin taking over. Damn you Flu, what a killjoy.

Today at school I had to take these pills for my cough. They made me all drowsy and especially inclined to stumble over stairs and little children. I got my marks back for physics, it was good but not good enough. I think I came second - there goes my physics prize! Overall, I'm really happy with most of my marks though.

Today we also had donations for Blind Week. I got a fluorescent orange sticker. I stuck it on my shirt, then I stuck in my bag, then I stuck it on my forehead for the last two periods. It was an inside joke... with myself. And the sticker told me I made a a difference!

Alex in biology class started mocking gay people. Apparently he made up something about S coming out and he started bitching about it - but S is most likely definitely not gay - I know him, he's just eccentric. Alex was just being a dick - Morgan and Asher stuck up for me too. Alex didn't get far.

Damn, I miss the musical and debating. I'm gonna join the drama production next term. "The Outsiders" - I'll probably only be good enough to be a dancer or the chorus.

Spending too much time on Oasis lately. I love reading journals and discovering the simple (or not-so-simple) happenings of other people's lives. But the week's started again and national exams are coming up - I need to manage my time more efficiently now.

That is all - time to read O. Henry and wait for dinner.


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Other than the flu and cough

Other than the flu and cough pills, it sounds like you've had an awesome few days! Yay!!!

And congrats on your physics marks...even if they weren't the absolute best, it sounds like they're pretty awesome!

And yay for meeting new person, and on Oasis. :D

Enjoy your reading!

"this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart" e.e. cummings

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to pick out a VERY specific point... :-)

No, loudness does not make you gay. Most anyone who knows me will tell you how quiet I am. We come in all volumes! :-)

~~~ the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses ~ e e cummings ~~~