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playded Ultimate t'day. It was sooo fun! I <3 running! I even scored two goals!!!! *squee*

But, then like half way through, my trachea became ultra irritated. I didn't like that. -,- I think it's a combination of second hand smoke and my chronic acid reflux that's causing that icky feeling...

I hate fags! >.<


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ultimate....? "She's Trouble


"She's Trouble with a capital T, that rhymes with P, that stands for Pussy."

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Ultimate Frisbee. You throw

Ultimate Frisbee. You throw it. You catch it. You throw it some more. You catch it some more. You score.

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running rocks. "I feel like

running rocks.

"I feel like Nacy Drew in the mystery of the midlife crisis."
-Roger Bannister
The Stepford Wives

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Real men play ultimate frisbee

That game's fun! Me and my friends broke countless (actually, it's only two) frisbees on athletics day playing that.

Stupid made-in-china frisbees from the dollar-store

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nice dude...

ultimate is fun and all, but you gotta try crumpets before you can judge! haha. seriously tho, check field crumpets on wikipedia...it's basically ultimate w/ less regulations, bats and a ball. same amount of running and yelling. lol

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