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We talked on the phone for 1 hour and 8 minutes.
She kept trying to hang up so I could go study for a Bio test but I kept talking anyways. Then finally she was like alright we should really be hanging up right now and I was like wait I have to tell you something.
Her- "What is it?"
Me- "I don't want you to hate me. Will you love me no matter what?"
Her- "Of course... What is it?"


Me- "I'm gay"

*even longer silence*

Me- "Did you hear me?"
Her-"I don't think so."
Me- "What?"
Her- "I don't think you are. You're too young to know. You might change your mind."
Me- "I'm not going to change my mind."
Her-" Well have you ever had sex with a girl?"
Me- "No."
Her- "Then how are you sure? You might change your mind."
Me-" Have YOU ever had sex with a girl?"
Her- "NO"
Me- "Then how do you know that you're not gay? There's a double standard. If it was normal to be gay and I said I was straight then it would be unnormal to be straight"
Her-" You better go study now."
Me- "Alright..."
Her-" Well I guess I love you either way."
Me- "I love you to."

Thats basically how it went. I'll remember that conversation forever. She also said some stuff about how a lot of teenage girls "feel that way" and how with what I've been through could affect the way I think.
I don't need her acceptance, just her to know and now she does.
I haven't cried yet. I felt like there was a weight lifted off my shoulders (its cliche, but true) I've come back down to earth now though. I still have to tell my Dad,but I don't know when. Its not like my parents talk or anything so mom won't tell him. T talked to her today and she didn't say anything about our conversation either.
She never said it was a phase, but she made it sound like she thought that's what it is. I haven't talked to her since then either. I'm going to let her call me.


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good for you! i came out to

good for you! i came out to my mom alot like that... as in over the phone... differently as in i told her right away and i was crying.

"I feel like Nacy Drew in the mystery of the midlife crisis."
-Roger Bannister
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I came out to my mom over

I came out to my mom over the phone too. (As transgender.) She didn't really believe me at first either. But she's getting better about it. :) Sounds like your mom will too.

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YAY!!! that makes me happy


that makes me happy that you came out to your mom even though i dont know you

im glad things work out in other places