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peanut allergies. They're ruining schools. Legitly, they are. Vermont has these damn laws requiring schools to provide kids with allergies a safe learning environment. All right, that's fine, everybody wants that right? Well basically, the parents of these kids with allergies are basically trying to dicate policy. They act like nut nazis. Legitly they are. There's this one woman that got nuts COMPLETELY banned from a pre-k to 6 school. It was even so bad that they banned moisturizers and most outside foods from the school. Then the fucking kid comes to my highschool. Out of all the god damn highschools in the region (the kid can pick to go to any school he wants. Including private), he chooses me school. Right, so being considerate of him is fine with me. It should be that way with everyone.

But food is banned in my school. In the halls and in the classrooms. We have "designated" eating areas. The lunch room, the senior room and senior eating area. It's even banned in my locker. My school's trying to be considerate of everybody and they've been doing a good job. But after school, I have no where to eat. I refuse to eat outside, it's snowing. Cheerleaders use the multipurpose room to practice. The Home-Ec room is off limits after school. The designated areas are barred from use. The senior room is off limits. Where the fuck do I eat? It's after 3:00, I stay 'till 5:00 because of running and drama.

Then middle school field trips (the god damn nut nazi is in middle school too. Fucking bullshit, right?) have to have school made lunches. I don't eat meat. I need protein. At least my half my food intake is either local or organic foods. I don't eat iceberg lettuce (I find it vile). What would they going to feed me, milk?

Then I find that teaching works extremely well with food. It's engaging, it's tasty (most of the time), it's worldly and it's a good way to relax. How many kids have tried eating dolmas, dai fuku, naan, almond milk or rice milk? How many kids have actually tasted mate, rooibos or pu-er?

Then a phenylketonuric is coming to my school fairly soon (can't consume phenylalanine, an amino acid found in mammalian milk and aspartic acid among other things). My school is getting crappy.


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Wow that sucks. I understand

Wow that sucks. I understand why they are doing it though, everything has its draw backs.
Maybe you could talk with your school administration to designate an area to eat those foods after school that aren't already occupied.

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I totally get where you're

I totally get where you're coming from...but at the same time, i'm pretty sympathetic with the nut nazi.

i have a friend who's allergic to nuts. and it's not a joke. it's not like most other food allergies...you get hives if you eat shellfish, that sort of thing. she's so allergic that simply being in a room where peanuts have been eaten can send her into anephilactic shock (i have no idea how to spell that). one of the creepiest moments of my life was having to use her eppy pen on her because she'd been exposed to nuts...and then waiting for word from her parents to know if she'd survived. i mean, NUTS.

but still...it totally sucks for the rest of us. and i totally understand the need to vent, and bitch about it, but i hope that once you can calm down a bit, you can be sympathetic to the kid with the allergies. i'm not saying to not be upset by it, but it's not like it's their fault.

and i agree with music is life. talk to your school and ask them if they can designate another area for afterschool eating. hopefully, if you're nice about it, they'll see that you're right. i know from experience that if you come in all guns blazing and rightously pissed off, they won't listen to you at all.

hang in there...

"this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart" e.e. cummings

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But the problem is, how are

But the problem is, how are people with such severe allergies going to live in today's societies. A business won't make special arrangements to accommodate someone with such a life threatening allergy. Even if they do, and they don't have adequate legal protection, and a person with severe allergies dies, they can get sued to the fucking moon.

Basically, if the allergy is that bad, how's he going to live today's society? In a bubble?

Anaphylaxis. That's how it's spelled. You know only 18 deaths occur because of it per year (In the United States)? I think that's amazing.