I just...

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spent the last hour making milk. Rice milk =]

So basically:
You cook the rice.
You fluff it.
You cool it.
You blend (in a blender ^.^) the cooled fluffy rice with water (Not sure the ratios, I did trial and error)
You strain it.
Then I added some creativity.
You heat it.
You supppppppeerrrrrr blend it.
You strain it.
You strain it.
You strain it.
You strain it.
You strain it.
You should see the common theme.
You can sweeten it (I used 1 wash cane sugar)
You can nutrionalize it! (I added half a multivitamin, obviously blended)
Then you strain it.
And repeat about four fagillion fucking times.
Then you cool it!
You let it settle!
You take the top layer!
And you strain it -,-
Then viola, you drink it!

Granted it doesn't come out the greatest first try. Mine is a little um... sweet. I didn't notice how much sugar I added -,- It all went plop!

By the way!:
You can use any rice you want! I wouldn't recommend very glutinous rice (sticky, sushi, etc). You can use black, purple, ruby, jasmine, basmati or any of the other five fagillion types of rice out there.


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mmmmm, rice milk.... did you

mmmmm, rice milk....

did you just randomly decide to do that?

does it change different colors with the different rices?

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I had been thinking about

I had been thinking about doing it for a while, but it wasn't premeditated. I saw rice in the fridge and I put two and two together.

I would think the color would be different. Especially w/ black rice, that stuff is fricken black/purple! You have to wash it 5 fagillion times until there's no pigment in the wash.