I just got an email...

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About this kid in a Utah school. Like it was all legit. They thought I was "Mr. and Mrs. Thomas". They were writing about this child with a learning disorder. And I was all like "What the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck?" I checked the school out and it was legit. So now like, 50 faculty members of a school district out in Utah have my email address.

It's especially great that they fucked up and it's privileged information.

I just replied to everyone telling them that I live in Vermont, a place far, far away from Utah, that I was 16 and that my last name was not "Thomas", and that it is in fact, my first name.

Pretty funky, or at least I thought it was.


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That's pretty weird...

That's pretty weird... I'd think it was a scam, but they're not asking for money or anything, so I guess they made a typo... ? I dunno, but it feels pretty strange when stuff like that happens... you temporarily get sucked into someone else's life...

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Oh no, this was legit and

Oh no, this was legit and everything. I looked up the school district and it certainly exists.

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I keep getting e-mails from

I keep getting e-mails from old professors--not, like personalized e-mails, but ones that indicate that they've somehow put me on their class aliases. So, last week I got the midterm for Psyc: Cognitions which I'm not enrolled in, and I was all...wtf? No. NO! I am not taking a third psych midterm!

Also, my English prof from my first semester here at school finally stopped sending me the e-mails that she would send out to English majors and the individual e-mails for all of the separate classes she teaches, none of which I was enrolled in--also, I've never been an English major.

I also get e-mails from people doing group assignments in other courses trying to pawn their work off on me and set up meeting times--yeah, no.

But...nothing exciting like your top secret privileged information.

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I get constant e-mails from people writing to a guy who runs the juvenile court systems or somesuch in north carolina, because he thinks my e-mail address is his. I told him long ago about it and he said he thinks I'm mistaken and that his ISP said that was his e-mail, so I told him I'd reply for one month, then just delete stuff after that. I've deleted stuff for two years now, so I'm guessing he still gives people that e-mail address.

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