I stole a McCain-Palin sign

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Yup thats right. I'm a theif!

My friend Sam's ex-boyfriend is dating this nasty whore and we drove by her house last night and there was a McCain-Palin sign in her yard. I was like "EWW!! Stop the car!" She stops and I run out and grap the sign and Sam's starts driving away so I take off running after them trying to get in the car and then they stop and I run into the car door.

We went to Walmart after that and Jen rode in a shopping cart where the little kids are suppossed to sit. She's super little so she fit. The employees saw us and everything and just where like whatever and ignored us.
I tore the sign up and threw it out the window. I want an Obama sign but I'm not going to steal one. But what I really want is an Obama shirt but I haven't found anywhere that is selling them and I can't buy them off the internet.

I'm on Fall Break right now.
I've decided what I'm going to be for Halloween. A P-I-M-P. Sam and Jen are going to be my ho's. They're gonna dress up really slutty and I'm gonna dress up like a guy and wear a fur coat. I'm 16 years old and still going trick-or-treating! Be jealous


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Obama rocks! XD

>.< im soooo jealous that u r going to trick-or-treating, even more so that u r on fall breakkk while im still overwhelmed with hmw...Yikes! u better share me some of ur candy LOL
Halloween = Saw V !!!

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I so wanna see Saw V! And

I so wanna see Saw V!
And yes I totally will share some of my candy with you, except the Reese's, I'm keeping all of those.

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ouch! (for running into the

ouch! (for running into the car door)

walmart is amazing.

Fall break? You bum, I have endless tests and exams till mid December.

Trick or Treating? We just may stop along a few houses on the way to my other friends house - I'm 19. Although, a few houses doesn't really count... my last official year of my trick or treating career was in grade 12, when I was 17 =) You still have one more year!! Make it good ;D

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It wasn't the first time

It wasn't the first time that I had to run and get in a car, just the first time I ran into the door. lol

Actually I have 3 more years, I'm only a sophmore :(

You're never to old for trick or treating!!

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Lol, nothing could stop me

Lol, nothing could stop me from goin. I think I'm going to go in drag...see how many people think that I'm just a guy goin around in regular clothes. Pimpin sounds awesome, though.

And major cudos for stealing the sign!!

"Excuse me if I don't feel comfortable shoving this tampon up my penis in the mens room." Andrea Gibson, on women who mistake her for a guy in the ladies room.

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sweet. "I feel like Nacy


"I feel like Nacy Drew in the mystery of the midlife crisis."
-Roger Bannister
The Stepford Wives