I want your sex

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sex is natural-sex is good
not everybody does it
but everybody should
sex is natural-sex is fun
sex is best when it's.. one on one

I think George Michael said it best don't you?......But I have to admit I land in the "not everybody does it" category. Although I want to at some point it just hasn't happened....yet. I had to post that little snippet of his lyrics cause they've been dancing around in my head for a couple of days.

Anyways. I finally went and bought Mass Effect for the Xbox 360, actually I think it was Bulldyke's saying it was awesome that put me over the edge to finally buy it:) I'd been meaning to buy it for a while but I had a lot of other things to spend my money. I actually bought it off this online classifieds site called Kijiji (odd name) the kid sold it to me for $10!!!!! And it's actually a really good game, awesome story telling and the voice acting is probably the best I've ever heared in a video game. So I'm very happy:)

I'm gonna be going to my oldest sisters house tomorrow to house/dog sit for 9 days while she goes away. So that should be interesting. I get to play my game that I just bought, eat whatever I want, surf the net, play my xbox games online, and watch some good movies(cause she always has some new dvds). God listenen to me I sound like a 12 year old boy. Oh well, soon enough I'm gonna be getting a new job that will suck that youthful energy right out of me lol.

Actually if anybody has an Xbox 360 and plays it online maybe we can swap gamer tags and play some games together:)

p.s I just noticed I've been using a lot of smiley faces. so here's one more:) Actually lets end my journal with something different:p


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Mass Effect is the best! I

Mass Effect is the best! I love that game! lol *I'm totally hyper, so if this comment seems over the top, that's why*

Seriously, when you play...go as a female character, and when you're doing the whole 'romance' thing (my favorite achievement EVER), go for the Asari (i think that's what they're called) chick. She hangs out behind the medical bay...and she's kinda strange...but you can totally flirt with her, and it's awesome. OH! and, you can also flirt with the Lieutenant at the same time, and then they both approach you about having sex AT THE SAME TIME, and you can totally suggest a threesome. LOL yeah...sex oriented mind.

Have fun with it! Not that i'm EVER on, but my gamertag is Liv911. i'm not much of a gamer, but...well, i play enough to have a 360, so there ya go.

"this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart" e.e. cummings

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Ha ha. Thats funny. I can't

Ha ha. Thats funny. I can't wait to get to that part of the game it should be funny. And yeah I picked a female cause....well I am a female so yeah it should be interesting when I get to that part of the game. Is it the blue alien that u pick up along the way? Cause if it is I've only talked to her thus far not much flirting. But I've sorta flirtes with the guy although I didn't mean to....he took my interest in his past to mean something more. lol.

And I shall add u on Xbox live...at the very latest friday. I'd do it now but it's all packed up.