I'm a lazy bum today

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BUT Yesterday was really fun. Calle and I hung out for an hour...yay! she's so awesome! and now that i'm not in school anymore, we can really be friends, and it's not awkward at all.

it's kinda funny. she broke up with her partner of like, 10 years (that's not hte funny part) a few months ago, and they're still really good friends. which is pretty much what happened to me and R. i mean, i'm not compairing a 10 month relationship to a 10 year one, but there are similarities, and it was neat talking about it with her.

she's such a wonderful person and a great friend. normally, adults are less than open with me, cause, ya know, i'm YOUNG, so of course i wouldn't understand their problems (screw them), but she's totally open about stuff, and was talking about her problems and stuff. Lol she told me about this meltdown that she'd had a few days ago, and we realised that in the telling, it turned out to be really funny, so we were laughing about it.

and i told her about the dream i'd had, where she was telling me that the pain from a broken heart is carried in the metacarples (no idea how to spell that...it's some of hte bones in you hands) of your left hand...and how she had this whole thing to heal it. it was a very strange dream...so we were totally laughing about it.

it was just relaxed, and friendly, and it made me feel good. i've always admired her, and wanted to get to know her better, and now i am!

oh, and one of the best parts?! she said that even after she stops paying me to play with her kitten (loooong story short, her kitten goes psycho if he's home alone too long, so she PAYS me {that part i objected to, but she insisted} to go over and play with him every day LOL), that i can still go over to her house and hang out if i want to. which i'm totally going to do. i LOVE her little house. it's like my sanctuary. with R being back (and crazy), and the whole thing with ET...my life is insane, but her house (and her kitten) have been my save haven, where everything is simple, and normal...and yay!

okay...speaking of His Cuteness, i need to get dressed LOL and get my ass over there. I'm such a lazy bum... :D


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I love kittens!

Your journal makes me think of "Annie on my Mind". Cuz you are going to an older lesbian's house to take care of her cat and its like a little sanctuary for you, like it was for Annie and that other girl that I don't remember her name...

If you've never read "Annie on my Mind" I suggest you do, and this probably made no sense if you haven't......