im sorry.

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im sorry to the people i've hurt.
im sorry to the people i've set aside.
im sorry to the people who haven't heard from me.
im sorry to the people who think i dont care.
im sorry to the loved ones around me.
im sorry to that one special girl.
im sorry to the world for having me.
i dont mean to have a pity party.
im not sorry for myself im sorry for the others.
i love you baby girl.
remember that.
im getting better....


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i love you haylee

i know it may seem like i am angry at you. or that i think you dont care anymore. but i know you do. i could never forget it either. your still the only girl for me. the person i care most about in this world. your the best part of my life. i understand why we dont talk like we used to and thats ok. i am just happy your getting better.
love always,
your Babygirl.

"you front the facade of a righteous man but the hole in your heart put the gun in your hand" -leftover crack