I've never realized...

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how accepting my parents are.

My father, my mother and I, all of our own will, were watching "Sordid Lives" on Logo. Then we all watched "Tying the Knot" on Logo as well.

And then my father knew about the Supreme Court case in Connecticut concerning gay marriage. Like what the fuck, I'm the queer, you're not.

Then earlier tonight, my father said, "would you like it if he or she talked about you like this" (concerning the future spouses of his sons). There wasn't any stammering involved. It wasn't like, "would you like it if she... or he talked about you like this". It was totally casual and relaxed. Like it was second nature.

I think it's pretty fricken swell. I've never appreciated them for their tolerance and acceptance of me. I feel like I've taken them for granted.


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That's so cool!!! I'm so glad I'm not the only one with accepting rents. When I came out, my dad was like "Oh, cool, now we can both talk about girls." Not in a lewd way, or anything, but he was just totally accepting.

Say thanks to him. I know he'd love to hear it.

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*high-five for accepting

*high-five for accepting parents*

My dad is great. He's been amazing about the whole transgender thing. I really couldn't expect this much from him. :D

Accepting parents are awesome. I just wish that everyone else could be so lucky.

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You are living out what everyone should be experiencing...

Probably won't really kick in for everyone until after the rapture, though.

But yeah, enjoy it.

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