Life is...

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i lie awake at night
thinking of being in her arms
and i cry
because she is so, so beautiful

i can still feel her skin
silky soft against mine
her lips on mine
teeth and hands and...

i want her again
i want her soft curves
her lush body
her her her
i want to love her again
and feel safe in my love
and see it in her eyes
that she returns it too

cause i know she does

but we can't have that
she's afraid and insane
she has 'issues' and 'problems'
like commitment
i know that seh shys away from comfort
that she's not able to accept me
even though she wants to
but seeing the love in her eyes
tears holes in my soul
that nothing can repair

life is so strange. i absolutely cannot be in love with her. it's out of the question. hands down, no way. why the hell can't my heart listen to me?

in other news...IT'S RAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank the freakin lords and ladies of the univers, IT'S RAINING!!!!!!!!!! it's about bloody time!!! i'm soooooo happy!!!

and, i had an awesome guitar lesson, even though I hadn't practiced like, at all. my teacher's so cool. i don't know ANY of the music he's teaching me (most of it's pop songs from the 60s and 70s), so he gives me music history lessons every week. it's awesome. i love my guitar! she's so cute and sexy! actually, she's not so much sexy...just cute. i can't wait til i get an electric guitar!!! that'll be soooo sexy. lol

okay, that's all for now. i have a headache...again. sigh. and my stomach hates me. sigh. oh wells! it's raining!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I loved it!