Loneliness, suspended to our own like grappling hooks

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have you ever had those days where loneliness just seems to seep inside of you? filling up holes that were once filled, making you more acutely aware of them than you normally are?

today is one of those days. where i miss her more than anything. tomorrow is a would-be 2 year aniversary. and when you're 16, 2 years is an eighth of your life.


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i do know what you mean.

i do know what you mean. it's just about the worst feeling in the world. where nothing makes you feel good, and nothing seems to help, and the only way to get through it is to just survive.

i'm so sorry...

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Me too.

It hurts, and there's not much you can do but distract yourself as best you can until it goes away.


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That kind of loneliness has been my one constant companion. I've never really loved anyone or at least been with anyone worth missing.

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perfect time for sleep, you might just see her in your dream. XD

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I so understand that

I so understand that feeling... it always overwhelms me after I try to hold on to moments that don't last. *Sigh*

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nice Dar Williams quote,

she rules and i play a bunch of her songs on guitar, including this one.

don't worry, i miss my ex's too. you're not alone.