My day so far

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Sooooo! I was supposed to FINALLY get out of town today and go hiking, possibly with R. Well, she slept in, so she didn't want to go, but that was cool. I had my directions, and my energy drinks, and it was all good.

EXCEPT i misswrote some of the directions (i keep trying to blame it on mapquest, but it doesn't work...), so i got totally lost, and just came home. sigh...

anyway, i was in a really pissy mood, and i had a headache, so i decided to take a nap. easier said than done! i was like, 2 seconds away from falling asleep, and my dad starts TEXTING me!!! i mean, wtf?!?! so i got pissed, and threw my phone across my room, and went to sleep.

other than that, nothing's going on. for all of you World of Warcraft players out there (come on, show your tabards!), i'm totally pissed off about the zombie invasion. ARRRG!!!!!!!! it's like, not even fun any more!

and wolf's been out of town all weekend, so we couldn't RP...and R's still in a bitchy mood, so she's not talking to me, either, and Em is doing her own thing, and i think Et, who's supposed to be gay (he's a guy), might like me, which makes things awkward...

so, pretty much, my life is a piece of shit that just got ran over by a car.

i want a book!!! arg!! i ordered like, 6 books from amazon (one of my dad's coworkers, who's such a dyke, and she's so cool, got me a $50 gift card to amazon for my early, she rocks!!), but none of them are hear i have nothing to read that's good.

i want wolf to get home so that we can chat/RP, only that won't happen for a while, cause her mom's gonna hog the computer, and wolf's gonna want to talk to her bf, instead of me...which is cool, cause he lives in texas, and they can't see eachother most of the time, but still.

i wish R would get over her bad mood and talk to me again. it's been over a week...sigh. i know that i can't do anything to help her, but i still want to. i want to curl up on my couch with her, like we used to, and just hold her until all of her demons go away. i want to make her life better, and give her all the love that she so desperately needs, but it's not me she needs it from. i'd happily kill her mother...but that's a whole nother story.


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Blaming getting lost on mapquest is like a drunk blaming how he landed with the police because of his whiskey flask...

From what I read it sounds you're a little stressed. Your dad's annoying, get some sleep, get that book you want, but R's mother probably doesn't deserve to die though. You'll feel a lot better once you wake up!

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actually, she deserves much

actually, she deserves much worse than dying...but that's another story that i don't feel like being bitter about right now.

"I swear to drunk I'm not god!"

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