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Ok. This just sucks. I just finished watching the movie Imagine You And Me. And I was so dissapointed by it. I mean there was soooooo much to love about this movie.

What I loved about it:
*I freaking looooooved both Lena Headey and the character she played.
*I actually liked Rachel's husband and sorta felt sorry for him when all this stuff is happening behind his back.
*I absolutly loved the awkward shopping scene(One of my favourite scenes)
*I liked the chemestry between the two actresses.
*It actually made me laugh quiet a few times.
*And I freaking loved Lena headey(if I didn't mention this already). I expected to love Piper's character because I loved her so much in Lost And Delirious. But nope it was Luce that I fell for. She was so confident but was torn throughout the movie. Plus I thought she was cute and I love the name Luce.

What I hated:
*Basically there's just the one thing but it's a huge thing. They are basically NEVER together as a couple. So I'm watching this movie anticipating the moment when Rachel tells her husband she's leaving him for Luce. And it doesn't happen till the freaking end. So theres hardly any of them being TOGETHER. You know like holding hands, holding eachother, kissing, and just being together in honest love.

It just dissapoints so much especially since it had so much potential. I liked so many things but them not being together for real just bugs me. It leaves me feeling unfufilled. Like there should be more to the movie. I don't know. Maybe I'm just weird. But I love watching movies. And with me being single and never actually had a real relationship with a girl. I have to make do with movies to make me feel good and emulate what I really want.

I still like it because there was so many things to like. But it stings when you want more. Has anyone watched this movie and felt the same? And maybe someone can recommend some movies for me.


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I felt the same way when I

I felt the same way when I first saw this movie. I know what you mean, but after awhile I was just like "aw, its happy in the end, that's good enough I guess"
I love this movie so much. I've watched it kinda a lot. Sorry, I have no reccomendations cause this one is the best I've seen =]

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Yeah, I've sorta been

Yeah, I've sorta been feeling that way the past day. I even wanna watch it again I think a big reason is cause I liked Lena Headey in it so much, lol.

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I Love to Live.

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yes lena headey is verrrry

lena headey is verrrry nice =]
i love her pretty much