Outed to a friend

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Sara told my friend Sam I'm gay. I fucking trusted her to not tell anyone and then she goes and tells Sam! I trust to easily.
So Sam's bf broke up with her on their 4 month anniversary. And she went over to Sara's balling and they were talking and I guess Sam made some comment like I'm gonna go gay now because guys suck. And Sara was like I know one of our friends that is gay. And Sam guessed a bunch of people before me.
I mean I was going to tell Sam I was gay eventually, but I didn't think it'd be this way. At first I was really pissed at Sara but now I'm just like whatever because Sam's cool with it, she said she supports me 100%.
And she said how it was really cute. How can gay be cute? I asked her if she thought I was and she said she had no clue (damnit!) Sometimes I wished I wasn't so girly and had short hair and drove a truck.

So now 2 people at my school know. And I think a few have suspicions.
Like this one girl. She's called me a lesbian since last basketball season. And we were talking yesterday and she started up again on it and she asked me if I was and I was like yup. And she was like seriously? I asked her if she thought I was and she said she wasn't sure.. And then she was like well before Lance (total flamer at our school) came out I called him gay and everything and I just wanted to know if it was gonna be like that or not.
It was just a weird conversation all together.

I'm going to a football game and then tomorrow night me and a group of friends might go to Sleepy Hollow to waste time until S bf gets off work so he can get us alcohol. Ugh I wish we were over 21 then we wouldn't have to plot how to get alcohol. But that might take the fun out of it...