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I feel like a prude most of the time.
But I also sometimes feel whore-ish.

My reasoning?

I am a VIRGIN!!!!! And most of my friends are not. But, I have done everything except for have sex with a guy. I've done everything with a girl also. So, therefore, I feel prudeish and whoreish all at the same time. I freaking hate it.
And in teenage society today... if a girl has sex, she's a whore; and if she doesn't, she's a prude. What the hell?


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I think everyone needs

I think everyone needs someone to condemn. Hence, double standard - everyone gets to feel superior to someone.

Don't let it get to you. So your friends are having sex. So what? It doesn't make you a prude if you aren't.

And just being with a girl doesn't make you a whore.

You don't have to condemn yourself. Fuck society, right?

"When the people begin to reason, all is lost" - Voltaire

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If a guy have sex with many chicks he's the man, and for a chick she's a slut.

There you have it. The world's so double standard.

So screw what other people think!

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To bring a male perspective...

If a guy has sex with numerous women he's a chauvinist pig, but if if doesn't have sex he's a pussy. I'm just saying the double standard is everywhere for everyone.