Should I come out on Myspace?

60% (6 votes)
10% (1 vote)
I don't give a fuck/could care less
10% (1 vote)
This is sad that I'm making a poll for this
20% (2 votes)
Total votes: 10


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I'm thinking like for the

I'm thinking like for the information part of my profile i'm going to put
for religion: buddha, relationship status:married, body type: fat, children: 22, occupation: pimp, orientation: gay

I didn't lie on one of those (guess which one!)
But do idk if ppl would get that I wasn't serious and they'll just look right past the gay part?

I voted that it was sad that I'm taking a poll of this :) And now I'm commenting on my own journal....

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I didn't vote because I

I didn't vote because I wasn't sure whether to say yes,or no.I think maybe if you put it up it will lay the groundwork for coming-out.Like if people see it and already suspect you are gay anyway then it will just confirm it for them.If they don't suspect then it will at least put the thought in their head that maybe you are.
I think the main question for yourself is are you ready to come-out if someone just asks you directly if you are gay?
Hope this helps.

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