Taking the LSAT tomorrow...

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any advice? Anyone been through it? I'm not nervous although I am grossly unprepared. It's only the rest of my life...no biggie.


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Good luck! "When the people

Good luck!

"When the people begin to reason, all is lost" - Voltaire

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Don't be subfusc! Positive

Don't be subfusc! Positive spirits! =]
Also, considering the amount of shitty lawyers in the United States, I think you don't have much to worry about. I mean if Alberto Gonzales was able to pass it and reach the level of Attorney General, then I think you can at least pass them.

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the Lsats

My sister had that! she said that you get a really bad rash on your....
“In order to meet the challenge, you have to have that support,”
Jackie Joyner-Kersee