The Duchess

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Soooo I took my little sis out to go see a movie tonight! Since I was paying I got to pick, so I chose "The Duchess", a period piece about the Duchess of Devonshire. What else can I say but GREAT!!!! Kiera Knightly does an amazing job as the Duchess!! And there are so many torrid twists!!!! Ooooo you gotta love the good ol' fashioned days of mistresses in politics... ; D Some things never change! Anyways a definite must see this autumn!!!!!!!

Plus I can think of a few people on here who might just enjoy it for the brief girl on girl action halfway through. ; P

But seriously though GO FUCKING SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!


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u know i enjoy a lil girl on girl....

as much as any guy...but a chick flick???? eeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww. glad you had fun dude.

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hells yes!

'course i did!!! dude it totally is worth admission!

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LOL hellonwheels probably spews everytime he sees girl on girl action, and his favourite movie is undoubtedly "secrets of the ya ya sisterhood" or something.

it sounds good though apollo alexander, we shall have to watch it together when i get there...or else i'll wait a couple of years until the israelis catch up, though i'm sure it wont be worth the admission they charge here...sheesh! i'm bitching.

dear old cousin went to synagogue like a good little jew, and i'm here doing the blasphemous sodomite thing...yay!!!