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I vow to not touch any alcoholic bevarage for a very long time.

Well world I'm having my first big hangover. I don't feel good. My head hurts and I've thrown up more last night than I have in a my entire lifetime. All I want to do is sleep.
Last night was soo fun! Before we got drunk we all drove around and went to the Mall. I got this really cool necklace from Hot Topic. And I donated $1 so I got two guitar picks from there. Shelbie knew this one guy that would get us stuff so we had to drive like 30 minutes to his house with him. We got Smirnoff Vodka. It was warm and it burned going down my throat but it tasted like green apples. Sam broke Shelbie's window and threw up on her floor. It was so gross and all me and Shelbie could do was laugh at her. I'm glad I made it to the toilet atleast.

*A Note to Self for when I get older and go back through this journal*

I like the way alcohol makes me feel. Thats really stupid and makes me sound like an alcoholic but its true. When I'm drunk I feel so free. I don't care what happens, I'm living in the moment. I don't live in the moment enough and alcohol helps me too. Ya sure its totally illegal for me to be drinking but thats one reason why it makes it fun too. I always do what I'm suppossed too. I like that I'm doing something my parents would kick my ass for. When I have kids I hope they feel that they can talk to me about stuff like drinking. I can't do that with mine. I don't feel like I can.
(I shouldn't be doing it thats why.) But I know my parents did.
They expect me to be perfect. Ever since T got pregnant they put so much pressure on me to do better than my brother and sisters did. I mean ya I wanna do great things but I don't need them breathing down my neck all the time.
And I don't want to be like T. But in a way I'm getting there. I told my Dad the truth about where I was staying last night but I didn't tell him who was there and where we went and what we did. And he asked too. I just made up stuff.

*End of me being honest outside of my head*


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Ugh... The worst part is

Ugh... The worst part is cleaning up. Especially when there's still bloody marry's left around. I wanted to fucking shoot someone.

Lifeguarding is the best hangover job there is though. All you do is sit there and yell at people. It makes it easier too.

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puking from alcohol is fucking nasty and pathetic.

and i can say that, because i've done it multiple times.

thankfully, i have matured past the stage of needing alcohol/drugs to feel free/happy/comfortable/relaxed/confident.

remember kids: overdo the booze, ya LOSE.
you better check yourself before you wreck yourself.

and if you still feel the need to indulge in a mind-altering, illegal substance... i suggest that you try weed instead of booze. weed doesn't make you puke and it doesn't cause hangovers. the worst that can happen is you get really tired and still feel tired the next day. yes, it kills brain cells... so don't be a pothead.

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I suggest Nitrous. It

I suggest Nitrous. It doesn't kill brain cells, except in the rare instances of oxygen starvation. And it carries almost no side-effects, except for the Vitamin B-12 conflict. But that conflict doesn't do anything unless you inhale 200+ cartridges per week.

It also doesn't smell. It doesn't leave residues or evidence of inhalation (you can say you were cooking with it if an officer asks you about the cartridges). It's non-addictive. And it's fucking hilarious to do.

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isn't that the stuff dentists use so u don't feel pain?
i mean, i live in toronto, which is the biggest city in canada... and i know people who do/deal weed, coke, x, etc... but i've never heard of anyone doing nitrous to get high.
weed is just so much more accessible...

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It's pretty accessible,

It's pretty accessible, seeing though it's sold in every convenience store. Ever heard of doing a "whip-it"? Nitrous is the whipping agent in whipped cream cans.

You can also buy "cartridges" of nitrous over the counter, without a license in the US. They're like tiny little tanks of it, about enough for one hit. Crackers (what you use to open the cartridge up) are illegal though, because their only use is for inhalation.

The high is like... Well, you end up hearing something similar to Mario music. The Mario music's tempo increases with head movement. It's funny shit. You should see someone after a hit, especially a double hit. They just fall on their ass laughing. It's the best.

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I've almost smoked weed

I've almost smoked weed before but I didn't because it was a really unsafe place to do it for my first time and I didn't know the people that well and they were older guys too. My school drug tests the athletes and I play basketball so it'd be stupid for me to do it now. Alcohol suits me just fine at the moment.